Tuesday, September 22, 2009

baking action this week

Let's see, it's a bit of comedy of errors;) I made popovers again and I used cake flour. However, I did not compensate for the difference in weight between cake and all purpose flour and the popovers didn't. They still tasted good, but they were sort of muffiny.
As for the brownies....I used 1/2 cup applesauce to replace 1/2 cup butter. They came out cakey. Then I added a topping - the "Mississippi Mud" frosting from Paula Deen. I think it's a bit too heavy for the brownies. However, Will did manage to say "it's a bit too much" while eating the brownie, so there you are.
I made the raspberry puff pastries from the King Arthur folks. It turned out great. This time, I cooked the raspberries for the filling. I do need to seal the pastry properly because the filling spills out. It was still pretty good.
No cakes this week. Hmm, I must be slipping.....

Friday, September 18, 2009

late posting

I baked last weekend, but I probably wasn't 100%. I made oatmeal raisin cookies for my honey - and they turned out lacelike. Still tasted good, but very thin. I think the dough was too wet.
Then I made brownies - the same brownies I've made a gazillion times and I made a mistake. I put a half a teaspoon of baking _soda_ in instead of baking _powder_. I baked them anyway, but they didn't seem to rise as much. However, all were eaten so it must have been good.
Then for my 26th wedding anniversary, I decided to make a special meal at home - center cut boneless pork chops (one of the honey's faves), a baked potato, corn on the cob and popovers. I haven't made them for a long time and I had to retrieve the pan from where I had stored it. So far, so good. I used "The Joy of Cooking" recipe for popovers, it's my favorite. They rose just fine, browned nicely... and the bottoms stuck to the pan. *sigh* I guess I didn't have my baking mojo this week or something. But they still tasted good. I will really have to grease those pans down the next time I use them.
Right now I'm thinking about making the puff pastry from the "Baking Sheet" - that worked out well for me. before. Or maybe I should open a box of Pillsbury crescent rolls, maybe I won't mess that up.

Monday, September 7, 2009

the baking action

Not too much this week, I'm afraid. I was very sluglike this weekend. I made brownies, with 5 eggs instead of 6 and a heaping tablespoon of Ghiradelli unsweetened cocoa added to the Nestle's cocoa I've been using. I also added a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips to the batter. I thought about topping it with chocolate frosting, but I decided it would be _too_much_chocolate_. I know, who would guess that I'd think something had too much chocolate?
And I made a blondie, which really just looks like a giant chocolate chip cookie pressed into a brownie pan. And that's what it tastes like. My younger son Will claims he's never had a blondie before, so once he has one, he won't be able to say that anymore.
That's it for now....