Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today the brownies were the regular Hershey recipe, but I did something a little different. I read 2 recipes in the last week about how the butter is melted and the cocoa mixed into the butter before it's added to the sugar. So I though, what the heck, why not. So I did that and I think I am on to something. The brownies have a great texture, not too wet and not to dry. They seem to be more chocolately, too. I'll have to check with my guinea pig, I mean, my son, tomorrow. About 20 minutes into the baking, I put some frozen mini marshmellows on top of the batter. The marshmellows melted, but it looks as if I put oyster crackers on the top.
The bread this week is from The Redbook Breadbook, the overnight dinner roll recipe. It was
my first bread book and the one I use a lot of the time. I made the coffecake from the Martha Stewart's Everyday Food. I also made a Paula Deen recipe, it's her "ooey gooey butter cake" to take to work (they are having a potluck thing) . It's from her specialty magazine. the summer one. There are quite a few other recipes I want to try in that magazine.
Next week I think it will be a peach cake for Father's Day for my beloved. Peach flavored, peaches on it and peach buttercream icing. It could work...

Monday, June 8, 2009

and in today's baking....

The brownies were made with 1 overripe mashed banana. It gives it a slight banana flavor as well as making the texture more cake like.
The cake for my beloved this week is a Mountain Dew cake, with the recipe from the current Paula Deen specialty magazine. It probably would be more lemony if I had used lemon pudding instead of vanilla.
My brother's cake for this month - German chocolate cake with the coconut pecan frosting from the Trisha Yearwood cookbook Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen .

I want to bake more but it's a little hot and humid right now. So I'll have to be satisfied with what I've done....

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1

Today I just made a single batch of the Hershey Cocoa's brownies. Nothing tricked out, no special flavor added, just plain old brownies. I can't say either Will or Dan noticed the peanut butter except after I mentioned it.
This week I made my beloved his birthday cake. He likes a yellow cake filled with strawberry Bavarian cream. I uses the "best vanilla cake recipe" in the special cake pans. And I used Jello's recipe of Bavarian cream. The cake did not really stand up to the pan. I should have used shortening to grease it instead of Pam or maybe the vanilla cake is not really meant to be used as a filled cake. It fell apart while I was taking it out of the pans.
The Bavarian cream - it separated into 2 distinct parts. The top was strawberry Jello with the Cool Whip and the strawberries. The bottom was just the strawberry Jello. I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong there - maybe it should have cooled off more? I think next year I will go back to the old "gold cake" recipe I generally use and use "The Joy of Cooking"'s Bavarian cream recipe. I will tell you that my beloved loved it and ate it, so I did something right.