Saturday, April 3, 2010

quick note - chocolate covered Peeps

There was no baking action last week as I got hit with a particularly vile stomach bug. I didn't even think of making toast, let alone baking something. But I do have a quick Easter treat for you...Here's a word of warning ***the melted chocolate will be hot, be careful not to burn your fingers***

Chocolate Covered Peeps

1 package Peeps (10)
1 container of Baker's dipping chocolate (microwavable)
Toothpicks / tongs
Wax paper

Arrange way paper of cookie sheets. Nuke the Baker's chocolate according to the package directions. Take 1 Peep (using toothpicks,tongs or a fork - it will be _hot_ and messy) and dip in the dipping chocolate up to the Peep's head. Remove and allow to cool on wax paper.
Each container of Bakers dipping chocolate makes approximately 15 Peeps.

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