Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1

Today I just made a single batch of the Hershey Cocoa's brownies. Nothing tricked out, no special flavor added, just plain old brownies. I can't say either Will or Dan noticed the peanut butter except after I mentioned it.
This week I made my beloved his birthday cake. He likes a yellow cake filled with strawberry Bavarian cream. I uses the "best vanilla cake recipe" in the special cake pans. And I used Jello's recipe of Bavarian cream. The cake did not really stand up to the pan. I should have used shortening to grease it instead of Pam or maybe the vanilla cake is not really meant to be used as a filled cake. It fell apart while I was taking it out of the pans.
The Bavarian cream - it separated into 2 distinct parts. The top was strawberry Jello with the Cool Whip and the strawberries. The bottom was just the strawberry Jello. I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong there - maybe it should have cooled off more? I think next year I will go back to the old "gold cake" recipe I generally use and use "The Joy of Cooking"'s Bavarian cream recipe. I will tell you that my beloved loved it and ate it, so I did something right.

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