Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today the brownies were the regular Hershey recipe, but I did something a little different. I read 2 recipes in the last week about how the butter is melted and the cocoa mixed into the butter before it's added to the sugar. So I though, what the heck, why not. So I did that and I think I am on to something. The brownies have a great texture, not too wet and not to dry. They seem to be more chocolately, too. I'll have to check with my guinea pig, I mean, my son, tomorrow. About 20 minutes into the baking, I put some frozen mini marshmellows on top of the batter. The marshmellows melted, but it looks as if I put oyster crackers on the top.
The bread this week is from The Redbook Breadbook, the overnight dinner roll recipe. It was
my first bread book and the one I use a lot of the time. I made the coffecake from the Martha Stewart's Everyday Food. I also made a Paula Deen recipe, it's her "ooey gooey butter cake" to take to work (they are having a potluck thing) . It's from her specialty magazine. the summer one. There are quite a few other recipes I want to try in that magazine.
Next week I think it will be a peach cake for Father's Day for my beloved. Peach flavored, peaches on it and peach buttercream icing. It could work...

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